What is Familia?

This week we want to give a shout out to Destino at the University of Arizona/Pima!  This spring, they’ve been working really hard to meet people and build a movement in their city.  Recently, they did an awesome outreach on campus that engaged students by asking questions.

They asked students to explain what family is, what they like about their culture, what their culture needs, and if they think one can know God personally.  Students were invited to write their ideas on a giant graffiti board and then were invited to a meeting where U. of A. head baseball coach Andy Lopez gave his testimony of how he grew up in church, but later met God for real and how his personal relationship with Jesus has really changed his life.

Building a spiritual movement is often slow and very hard work, but we’re so excited to see the movement at UA/Pima gaining traction. The Lord is doing awesome things there!  What questions could you use to start spiritual conversations on your campus?