We envision spiritual movements of Latino students, faculty, and community everywhere, so that everyone on earth knows someone who truly follows Jesus, and we want to invite you to join with us.

Destino is a Christian ministry that Latino students college students on their journey with Jesus. We provide a compassionate community that builds friendships, reads the Bible, prays, and helps everyone develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. In Destino, we believe the basic Christian beliefs:

  • The Trinity
  • The saving work of Jesus Christ
  • The person and work of the Holy Spirit
  • The physical resurrection of the dead
  • We welcome a diversity of views on the non essentials and have staff who attend churches within different denominations.

You can read Cru’s statement of faith for more information.

Destino is a ministry of Cru and began in 1995 Cru leaders asked Alex and his wife Diane to lead the efforts of the whole ministry to reach Latino college students. Just two years later Alex and Diane started a new ministry at the University of Texas—El Paso with a vision to reach Latino students and equip them to take the good news of Jesus Christ all over the world.

If you believe in our work  and would like to support our ministry, we would love you to join our efforts through prayer and giving.