How Can I Live a Godly Life?

“How Can I Live a Godly Life?”

That’s a great question for believers as we’re growing spiritually.

Have you ever said, “I want to live for God, but I just keep messing up!” Or, “I’m sure if I just try harder then I’ll get it right”?

Tyrell is a Destino student with whom you could relate! He was asking these questions. He and his mentor, Matt, agreed that it’s because of Jesus that we’re made right with the Father, not by our self-effort. So then Tyrell’s next question was,

“Am I ready to surrender control of my life to Jesus Christ?
What would you say?

Tyrell admitted, “I want to say no because I don’t feel like I have it all together, but…it seems like that’s the point. I won’t ever be able to do it on my own. So yes, I’m ready to surrender control of my life to Jesus.”

You can check out the resource that was helping Tyrell understand how to live out his faith. It’s called Satisfied? It helps explain the significance and importance of the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives.

Tyrell prayed that through faith he’d be filled with the Spirit and empowered to live a life honoring to God. He’s gone from being unsure of how to live for God, sometimes even doubting his salvation, to being confident in Jesus Christ and trusting in the Spirit to guide him through life!

Photo credit: Michael Foley