Destino Ambassador Course

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Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, and on college campuses.  There are over 3 million Latino/a students in the U.S., and in some parts of the country, Latinos are the largest ethnic demographic in high schools!  Right now, Destino has staff teams in nine cities, coaching 23 movements.  To engage every Latino student with the Gospel it’s going to take more than just more Destino teams.  It’s going to take creative partnership with CFM teams, other EFM strategies, as well as other organizations and local churches.  Within our Cru family, it’s going to take every CFM team in the country asking the question, “What are we going to do to engage Latinos in our scope with the Great Commission?”

Course Goals

By the end of these eight weeks, you will have gained a framework for learning Latino culture in your scope, and developed a plan for launching Destino in your scope.

  1. Framework for learning culture:  We’re not going to learn everything there is to know about Latino culture.  But our discussions and reading will help you learn how to learn a culture.  We will be talking about what it means to contextualize the Gospel, worldview, and some of the history and current reality of Latinos in the U.S.
  2. Launching Destino in your scope:  You’ll finish these eight weeks with some concrete ideas for pioneering a Destino movement on your campus.  You’ll spend time decoding the Latino community, praying for them, and meeting people of influence.

View the whole syllabus here, including required texts, calendar, and list of all assignments.

Course Recordings

Audio recordings of select discussions.