Destino Certification

Your Heart Turned Toward God.
Your Hands and Feet Used By God.

Stepping into this certification process is a step into the past and toward your future. Into the past because throughout these 24 lessons you will be studying what have been essentials of the faith for over 2000 years. Some of your homework will include lessons recorded by Bill Bright who founded the ministry of Cru in 1951. Some of the training is a repackaging of lessons that missionaries and students and pastors and faculty all over the world have studied over the past 60 years. Should you decide to commit to this process of certification you will be stepping into a legacy left by godly men and women .

You will take a step toward leaving your own legacy as well as you learn to follow Jesus, to study the Bible, to share your faith, to lead others, and to steward your time, talents and treasure.

In Matthew 25:14-30 we read the Parable of the Talents. Jesus tells the story of three servants entrusted with differing amount of money. He then uses the parable to show that the master expects each to steward what was given them. The master didn’t expect them to produce the same from different amounts–just that they would steward what he had given them. The word steward means to “manage or look after (another’s property).” This is the same for us today. God has gifted each of us uniquely. He has given us our very lives. We are called to manage, to look after, to steward all He has given us (our time, talent, treasure and even our very own bodies) because all of those things are His.

The first lesson in stewardship happens here and now. We ask you to consider whether the above is worth your time, talents, and treasures. If it is, then we ask you to commit to the certification process, to commit to completing the 24 lessons and the homework, to not quit when it gets tough, and to give it the time and energy it demands. This certification process is a not meant to be overwhelming but it is not meant to be easy either. When you finish you will know that you have the skills and knowledge of a leader within Destino. We think it is worth it. Do you?

This page is where you will find a guide through the entire Destino certification process.

Abróchense los cinturones because here we go!

You’ll find a link to each DLI Module on the sidebar.  Begin with the Intro Module, which will clarify the commitment you and your mentor make with one another, and introduce you to some important foundational concepts. You will also want to print out this chart to track your progress.