Top 10 Ways to Advertise Destino on Campus

Destino is a familia on a mission!

We are part of God’s people, trusting Him to change the world. World-change starts with heart-change, and heart-change starts with people hearing the good about Jesus Christ. And our Destino meetings and small group Bible studies are places where that happens! So, it’s important to get the word out on campus about Destino! Whether you’re starting out a brand new chapter, or Destino has been around on your campus for awhile now, here are the Top 10 Ways to advertise for your group on campus! Use these, and be inspired to try something new as well!

  1. Chalking sidewalks, write messages on whiteboards in classrooms.
  2. Ask to make announcements about your events in other Latino cultural groups.
  3. Make ¼ sheet flyers about Destino and hand them out on campus. Any places where you’re more likely to see other Latin@ students?
  4. Get a table at an organization/club fair.
  5. Participate in Hispanic Heritage Month. Does anyone in your group dance or play music? Do you know someone who could make a bunch of pupusas or tamales to give away (or sell…this could be a fundraiser too).
  6. Set up “Destino at ____” (insert your campus) accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to network with students and organizations. (Follow Destino for inspiration)
  7. Post large banners in free speech areas on campus.
  8. Pass out fliers 30 minutes before your meeting each week to people around on campus.
  9. Use special events and holidays as a way to meet people. For example, pass out Easter eggs filled with candy and a small flier, hand out cookies and a fliers in the dorms or the library during exam weeks, or “reverse trick-or-treating” at Halloween (go door to door in the dorms passing out candy, inviting people to Destino, and making friends)
  10. Do one minute spiritual interest surveys on campus to meet new people, find out who is interested, and invite them to Destino.

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