Letter Writing Process

Writing letters is one effective way of developing your ministry partner team. Some of you will see all the people you need join your team this way. Others will get a majority. The process is simple but requires work on your part.

Step 1 | Namestorm

To start out you want to think of at least 100-150 people that you can send a letter to and invite to join your ministry team. Spend time praying to God that He will cause the right people to come to your mind. Then start brainstorming names (or “namestorming”) until you have 100 people (with addresses and phone numbers). Don’t make a judgment now about whether someone will give or not, write their name down.

Step 2 | Write

Next you need to write your letter. In the letter you will want to catch them up on what you’ve been doing lately, share about your trip this summer, and invite them to partner with you in ministry. Finish your letter and send a copy to a staff person to proof-read and suggest any changes.

Step 3 | Mail

Once you have your letter ready to go you will want to mail merge them with your names and addresses and get them in the mail.

Photo credit: Pauline Mak