Destino Operations Internship

There are only 8 spots available for this unique opportunity to use and sharpen your tech skills while growing in your relationship with God!

The Destino Operations Internship is a partnership with Bif Technologies and Three Rivers Church in Martindale, TX. The emphasis for this 8 week internship is discipline & discipleship. The requirements for this internship will be a Gold’s gym membership and a Microsoft surface pro 4 (participants need to have these prior to arrival). The schedule will include a daily rigorous regimen of an 8 hour work day, a daily physical workout, bible study, church and community service.  Interns will be paid $7.50/hr to leverage Java programming, Media, Marketing and Music skills for projects assigned by Bif technologies, Three Rivers Church and Destino. Students may also receive internship credit (see school/degree requirements).To apply send resume to
The dates for the 2017 Destino Ops Internship are June 11th- August 5th, 2017, and the cost is simply travel to and from Martindale, TX.