Destino Certification: Module 1

Before you begin Module 1, be sure to complete the Intro Module.  Don’t forget to print this chart to track your progress.

Module 1 consists of eight lessons.  Each lesson consists of something to work through with your leader, as well as homework.  You will be exploring some fundamentals of the Christian faith, as well as how to live this faith out and begin to share it with others.

Life Concept 1: Confidence.

Based upon the promises given by God, everyone who has the Son can be assured that they have eternal life with God.

Lesson: Student | Leader
Homework: Read 1 John and answer the questions from the Lesson.

Life Concept 2: Forgiveness

To walk in the light is… 
to live in a love relationship with God in light of His character.
to openly agree with God about my sin.
to seek to avoid sin as I become more conscious of what is displeasing to God.

Lesson: Student | Leader
Homework: Do the 1 John 1:9 activity from the Lesson.

Learn a Skill: Sharing the KGP

A basic training in using the Knowing God Personally booklet to share your faith followed by putting it in practice.

Lesson: Sharing the KGP
Homework: Use the booklet Knowing God Personally to share the Gospel with someone.

Life Concept 3: Empowered

When a person begins a relationship with Christ, it’s important to grow in the experience of the Spirit in order to understand spiritual truth and have the power to live the Christian life. God’s design is for us to be filled (that is, directed and empowered) by the Holy Spirit as an ongoing experience.

Lesson: Student | Leader
Homework: Choose one activity: Read How to be filled with the Spirit  or Listen to Dr. Bill Bright speak on the Holy Spirit.

Life Concept 4: Equipped

The Christian life isn’t struggle-free. Yet most Christians are unprepared for the inner struggles they will experience.The good news is that experiencing these struggles is evidence of a genuine change in our lives as a result of our new relationship with Christ.

Lesson: Student | Leader
Homework: Use the booklet Knowing God Personally to share the Gospel with someone.

Life Concept 5: Maturity

The Christian life is a life of growth in our relationship with Christ. Spiritual maturity is attained over time, not in an instant.

Lesson: Student | Leader
Homework: Time with God worksheet (This is a page of reading and then four weeks of accountability.)

Stewardship: Time Management

This lesson will show you that your time is to be used well because it is a gift from God. This lesson will also help you plan to make the most of your time.

Lesson: Time Management
Homework: Watch and Complete Time Management TEDx Training

Life Concept 6: Sexual Wholeness

God made our sexuality, called it good, and teaches us how to experience it in the best way possible. Being sanctified is a lifelong process. Over time, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we learn how to control our bodies in a way that is holy and honorable. When we are living in light of God’s truth we experience “life to the full”.

Lesson: Sexual Wholeness
Homework: Read Stewardship of our Bodies.