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Naked and Unashamed: Learning how to have appropriate, close, relationships with others. — Dr. Adam Saenz

A school psychologist from Bryan, Texas, Dr. Saenz has two doctorates, studied at Harvard Medical School and Oxford University. Raised in South Texas, God took Dr. Saenz through juvenile detention as a young man to his place of influence today. In this talk from DWC 2012, he discusses how people are made for intimacy.

Owned. How can we move from being controlled by temptations and sin to belonging to God? — Dr. Adam Saenz
Who I'm supposed to be? — Dr. Adam Saenz
The Spirit Filled Life — Melissa Guerrero Rivera

How would you describe your life right now? growing, disappointed, joyful, así así?

How Far is Too Far? — Lucas Lopez and Dina Martinez.

Relationships… What’s ok, what’s not ok, and what’s God’s plan?

Who is the Holy Spirit? — Kayla McLaughlin.

God’s power to live the life you should.

What is Discipleship? — Warren Culwell.

How do you help someone else grow closer to God?

Day of Outreach, Stories of what God has done.

Each year students at DWC take the good news of Jesus Christ to the surrounding city. Hear how God used Destino students at past conferences!