Destino Certification: Module 2

Module 2 consists of eight lessons.  Each lesson consists of something to work through with your leader, as well as homework.  You will be exploring more fundamentals of the Christian faith, as well as how to live this faith out and begin to share it with others.

Knowledge: Reach Your World

How to help fulfill the Great Commission through Spiritual Multiplication in the context of a Movement

Lesson: Student | Leader
Homework: 1) Listen to Roger Herschey: The Right Reasons for Discipleship
2) Select an apprentice/disciple. Meet with them once before next lesson. Expectation is that they will begin leading that person through the first module.

Stewardship: Cultural Identity

Learning about culture and identity. You will see that God has made you and that you have an opportunity to be uniquely used because of your cultural identity and your identity in Christ.

Lesson: Cultural Identity
Homework: 1) Read: The Church
2) Choose a home church by the end of this module.

Skill: Testimony Training

How to prepare your personal testimony and Biblical examples of testimonies.

Lesson: Student | Leader
Homework: Create and begin praying for a Top 5 list. Share your testimony once.

Stewardship: Spiritual Gifts

Learn what spiritual gifts are and begin understanding what are our responsibilities are in light of God’s blessings.

Lesson: Spiritual Gifts
Homework: Complete at least one Spiritual Gifts test, as explained in the lesson.

Knowledge: Gray Areas, Temptation, Shame

Learning about shame, the difference between temptation and sin, and gray areas.

Lesson: Student | Leader
Homework: Watch: Francis Chan on Temptation