Top 10 Ideas for Parties and Socials

The familia that plays together stays together!

You don’t need help having fun with your friends, but sometimes its nice to get some fresh inspiration for fun parties and gatherings for your Destino group. A really fun event is a great way to invite new people to check out your Destino community, a place where they can meet people whose lives have been changed by Jesus!

  1. “Be a kid again” Party! Play foursquare, hopscotch and other playground games. Bring your favorite foods and candy that makes you remember your elementary school days!
  2. Dance Party! You just need an apartment, food, some speakers, and your favorite salsa, bachata, y merengue!
  3. Board game night or video games. Look into borrowing a projector from your school and play a movie or a video game on a huge screen. Or keep it simple and bring your favorite board games to a common area on campus.
  4. Soccer/frisbee on campus.
  5. Culture night. Everyone bring a dish to share that you grew up eating or reflects the culture of your family.
  6. Go to a school sports event together and show some school spirit!
  7. Get your outdoors on! Go hiking, swimming, or have a picnic (or if you live somewhere cold, go sledding, or have a snowball fight!)
  8. Christmas party. Or you could organize a Las Posadas celebration with some other groups on campus.
  9. Movie night! You could even get fancy and borrow a projector and string up a sheet to show it on the “big screen!”
  10. Pool or ping-pong tournament! Does your school have a common area where people play these?

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