13 Times a Day

“It is just so hard to think positive things about myself and to believe that is really how God sees me.”

That’s what Melody, a Destino staff woman, heard from a student in Miami. Melody was leading an exercise to help students evaluate their identity as individuals, including who has most influenced their lives, and how they view themselves.

When her friend expressed that, Melody shared this startling statistic:  The average woman thinks critically about herself at least 13 times per day.  “If you had a friend who texted, or called you just to criticize you 13 times a day,” Melody asked, “how long would it take you to block their call, unfriend them, and stop talking to them?”

The young woman was quick to respond, “No more than a day.”

“Then why do we put up with believing the lies and criticism of the enemy and of ourselves that we’ve become used to day after day?!”

What an incredible privilege to base our view of ourselves on what God says is true!  What would it be like if you took 13 more times a day to focus on your identity in Christ and to reflect God’s love to those around you?!