Destino on Summer Mission 2015

In Destino, every generation of students includes those who will help take God’s Good News to the world. It’s like a giant relay race of passing on this privilege from one year to the next. This past summer we sent teams to three summer missions locations:  Vail, Co., New York City, and the Mediterranean.

Joaquin grew up in NYC and the Dominican Republic. Last fall his Destino mentor asked him to consider a summer missions trip.  “I’ll go anywhere!” he replied!  And he put his faith in God to overcome obstacles, whether fear or initial lack of resources.  Joaquin and his team just returned from taking the gospel to students in the Mediterranean.

Bernice from Texas was on a summer mission in a resort town of Colorado. There she and other students lived in the community, got summer jobs and learned to discuss their faith with co-workers and visitors from around the world:

“I’m eager to share my faith. I just didn’t know how to start the conversation. I’m looking forward to going home to have these conversations with my friends and family because I’m not sure if we believe the same things.”

Gilberto, a student on Destino’s week-long summer mission called New York Trek, was excited to share with those closest to him some of the things that he learned that week. The week had taught him and other students some ways to live more effectively for Christ. Most of the training and activities took place around the city so they also got to see the sites.

Another student who went on Destino Trek, said, “This trip helped me refine my perspective. Sometimes I get caught up in school or work, and I lose my focus on what’s truly important. This reminded me what I really want to be about; I definitely want to be about Jesus!”

Sarah also spent a summer with Destino. Her previous year at school had been difficult, but being with other Christians day to day, living out their faith helped her understand why. “I was going about it all wrong. I was trying to please and not disappoint God through my actions. I learned to pursue God and get to know Him personally. With that, God will change the desires of my heart.”

She’s right:  life change doesn’t come apart from our heart change.  Maybe God wants to use Destino Summer Mission in 2016 to change you, too!