“I Feel Really Loved”

“Thank you for your time yesterday. It has really given me hope in having a relationship with the Lord. I’m excited for what’s to come.”  Imagine getting that from a friend with whom you’d been talking about spiritual things.

In NYC, Sabrina shared the gospel with Jackie, and as they talked, Sabrina asked what Jackie thought about it all. “Wow,” said Jackie, “No one ever asks me what I think.”That led into a deeper discussion about her past and why she sometimes feels like others don’t want to hear what she has to say.

During the conversation, Sabrina learned that Jackie believes with all her heart that Jesus is her Lord and Savior, but she told Sabrina that she was confused about what a daily relationship with Him looks like. The next week Jackie and Sabrina talked about why spending daily time with God is significant, along with some practical ways to do it.

In the middle of the conversation, Jackie stopped and said, “Jesus wants to spend time with me!”

She was silent for a minute and then looked at Sabrina and said, “I feel really loved.”

Jackie really connected with the fact that she could go to her Heavenly Father any time, wherever. As they were ending their visit, Jackie said, “I’m going to pray on my way to class.”

How do you feel when you consider how Jesus loves to spend time with YOU?