“Wow, that’s beautiful!”

“Sorry for interrupting, I couldn’t help but overhear…if everything has a cause then where did God come from?”

A Destino staff member, Matt, was talking with a student when he heard another student from behind him ask that question.  After talking a bit more with the first student, Matt walked around the bench and sat down beside Adolfo, who seemed eager to hear a response to his question, “Where does God come from?”

Adolfo had grown up in a Christian home but didn’t remember much about it. At 18, he joined the military, now, at 29, Adolfo was pursuing his undergrad degree. During his time in the military, he began to question what God was like, which he said led him to be agnostic.

Together, Matt and Adolfo began to discuss different religions and what makes Christianity so unique. Adolfo asked Matt to explain the main point of Christianity since he didn’t remember much. After Matt shared about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, Adolfo’s response was simple:

“Wow, that’s beautiful!”

As they continued their conversation, Adolfo said he’d never heard Christianity talked about like this. He wasn’t ready to change his agnostic beliefs, but he wanted to know if they could meet again to discuss more things like these.

“Of course!” replied Matt. And as he walked away, Matt couldn’t stop repeating Adolfo’s observation, “Wow! That’s beautiful.”

The gospel is beautiful. Matt’s conversation with Adolfo reminded him just how beautiful the good news of God’s love and forgiveness is.