Conversations with Co-workers

“I never thought God would use me at my job!” said Gladys.

While a sophomore at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Gladys worked as the site leader for the after school program at nearby Northwest Elementary. “When I first started working, I took the job really serious,” said Gladys. “I wasn’t really trying to make friends.”

But in March, God changed Gladys’ focus. Gladys helps lead Destino at UTSA. She went with a group of students involved with Destino to Port Aransas, TX for Destino Break.

“She had the mindset of just wanting to have fun on the beach,” said Anthony, a Destino staff member at UTSA. “But by the second day she realized that God called her on this trip to reach people. We may not always want to or feel like doing things, but when God calls us we need listen.”

And as she spent her spring break sharing the gospel with other college students on the beach, she realized God was telling her she could be talking to her co-workers about Jesus in the same way.

The following week she returned to San Antonio and went out to lunch with her co-workers. She has continued to spend intentional time with them, helping them know more about God and the Bible.

Ricky, who shared he wasn’t into “religion or God things,” wasn’t initially open to what Gladys had to share. But in the last month Gladys was surprised when Ricky approached her to ask some questions about the Last Supper and Jesus dying on the cross.

Another of Gladys’ co-workers, Megan, has been really interested in talking about Jesus. The two text frequently now that Gladys has returned home for the summer. Megan plans to attend Texas A&M San Antonio in the fall, where Destino will launch a new ministry in August. Gladys introduced Megan to a Destino staff member there and she told Gladys she plans to attend.

“It feels so great to know that God can use me anywhere,” said Gladys. “I’m excited to keep sharing about Him at work.”