Virtual Connections

Although Jeanette’s family was very involved in their church, she arrived as a freshman at UCLA uncertain in her faith. When asked about coming to Destino at the beginning of the semester, she wasn’t very interested. But as the semester continued, some things changed for Jeanette. She decided to try out a Destino Bible study […]

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The Best Gift

What is the best gift a family member has lavished on you? In Gabriela’s case, her brother Alonzo helped give her a brand new life. During an incredibly humid day in August 2015, Destino staff member Nate ran into Alonzo at the University of Texas at San Antonio. After Nate explained the gospel to him,

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Fall Retreat

“I just wanted to let you know that I had too much fun this past weekend at fall retreat.” This is the first sentence in an email that Adrian sent to Destino staff member Chelsea Hengeveld after the first ever East Coast Destino fall retreat. Adrian is a senior at George Mason University in Virginia.

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Hurricane Relief

Recent events have left many grieving and in dire situations. Hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, fires, and shootings have filled the news. We are so thankful that in the midst of incredibly difficult circumstances, God’s people are working to bring good. This year Destino cancelled our fall retreat in Texas. Instead we took 70 students from 8

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A Story to Tell

By Lauren Rodriguez “I believe God will let everyone into Heaven. He loves everyone!” Arianna, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, shared her beliefs with me as we sat at a coffee shop on campus. We had met at our Destino information table a couple of weeks before that, when she ran excitedly up

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What is Your Destiny?

By Jhila Tercheria  Cual es tu destino? We chalked this question on the main thoroughfares of campus to advertise Destino at NC State University.  Little did I know the profound impact it would have. What is my Destiny? What is my path? Am I going in the right direction?  I bet if you counted how many

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As Destino staff members Kai and Sarah stepped onto the LA City College campus, they were trusting God to begin a movement to reach the thousands of Latino students on that campus. Over half the students at LA City College are Latino. The first day there they approached Melvin who was sitting on the quad

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The Bulletin Board

Ariana, a junior at Purdue University, had a great idea to put up a bulletin board in the Latino Cultural Center on campus. Ariana is trying to launch a Destino ministry on her campus and is looking for ways to engage with new students. The bulletin board would allow her to advertise Destino and gather

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