Destino Break 2017

“Now that I talked to beachgoers about Jesus, I feel ready to share with everyone back home,” said Eric, a sophomore involved with Destino at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

In March, Eric traveled to Port Aransas, Texas with a group of Destino students who spent their spring break helping others learn about Jesus. The group used a tool called Soularium to talk to others on the beach about their spiritual journeys using pictures. They also used Perspective Cards, learning what others believe about the existence of God, the source of truth and the meaning of life.

The group shared the gospel with 60 people and saw 11 begin a new relationship with Jesus!

Students from both UTSA and Palo Alto College traveled together to Port Aransas. “I love seeing how Destino connects college students city-wide,” said Destino staff member Jess Gilbert, “so they can be encouraged in their faith and gain courage to live for the Lord in new ways.”