As Destino staff members Kai and Sarah stepped onto the LA City College campus, they were trusting God to begin a movement to reach the thousands of Latino students on that campus. Over half the students at LA City College are Latino.

The first day there they approached Melvin who was sitting on the quad after his art class. They asked him to do a spiritual interest survey and he agreed. As the survey concluded, Kai took the opportunity to share the gospel with Melvin and he put his faith in Christ. “I gave him a Bible and encouraged him to read a passage so we could talk about it the next day,” said Kai. They met the next day, the next week and every week for the rest of the year.

Although they don’t yet know enough students to launch a Destino movement at LA City College, they have been encouraged to see Melvin grow in his faith. “He’s been trained to share his faith with others and how to read the Bible and apply it to his life,” said Kai.