What is Your Destiny?

By Jhila Tercheria 

Cual es tu destino?

We chalked this question on the main thoroughfares of campus to advertise Destino at NC State University.  Little did I know the profound impact it would have. What is my Destiny? What is my path? Am I going in the right direction?  I bet if you counted how many times a day a college student thinks about their future, you would have to stop counting.   

A few nights ago, when I drove Alexis and Erin home from campus, I thought I’d throw out the question again.

“Do you guys think you have a destiny?”  

“Yes!” Alexis answered. “I think God has given me a special gift to be able to read others’ emotions. I just listen to people and I empathize with them almost as if it were me experiencing their story. As I pursue medicine, I know this is something God wants me to use to help heal people.  But more recently, I am intrigued by the spiritual side of this. I want to help heal people’s souls.”

“What about you Erin?” I asked.

“I know I have a Destiny,” came the voice from the back seat.  “I just don’t know what that is yet….”

As encouraging as it was to hear Alexis’s growing excitement for God’s path, I realized that more students were experiencing what Erin felt – uncertainty and not a strong grounding in their future with God.  We are so pumped that students are willing to share their desire, fears, and frustrations with us about their future.