Fall Retreat

“I just wanted to let you know that I had too much fun this past weekend at fall retreat.”

This is the first sentence in an email that Adrian sent to Destino staff member Chelsea Hengeveld after the first ever East Coast Destino fall retreat. Adrian is a senior at George Mason University in Virginia.

Fifteen students from five different campuses drove from across the states of Virginia and Pennsylvania to come together for a weekend retreat. They focused on the book of Daniel and their identity in Christ, leaving them more able to fulfill God’s purposes, experience God’s grace, and leave a lasting legacy.

All five campuses that were represented are distance coached Destino movements. Chelsea and her teammates connect virtually with the local staff members and students, all of whom who are launching Destino for the first time. “It was life-giving to all of us to get to spend some time together in real-life instead of through a computer,” said Chelsea.

Sunday afternoon everyone got in their cars to drive home to their families, schools, and friends. But no one was going back the same. “The students were filled with an excitement to share what they had experience with their friends and were challenged to trust God to use them to leave a legacy in their communities,” said Chelsea.