Launching New Ministries

“We are looking for people who love Jesus and want to tell others about him.”

A few weeks ago the Denver Destino team to helped launch Destino movements on two new campuses in Denver: the University of Denver (DU) and the Community College of Aurora (CCA).

After spending each morning in prayer, they approached over 300 students, asking them this question and sharing our vision to start a ministry on campus through the Latino community. Over that week they challenged 27 of these students to lead these new ministries. Starting Destino movements in new places stems from our desire that every student would have a place on their campus to learn about Jesus Christ, ask questions and grow.

Christy and Jessica, Destino staff members, stopped Brielle, Loresa and Shadia on their way out of math class. The three girls had become friends a few weeks before after meeting in their class and realizing they all shared a loved for Jesus. While they ate wraps and fries at the small campus cafeteria, Christy and Jessica explained our vision for Destino. They all expressed interest in coming once meetings begin.

Another from the group approached a student at DU. After a brief introduction she exclaimed, “I’m not interested, but my roommate would be! Let me connect you with her.” She told her roommate, Brendie, about Destino and Brendie called the Destino team. They were able to meet with her and ask her how she hopes to see God move at DU. She expressed, “I am a religious studies major, and I want to have conversations about my faith with other friends and classmates that aren’t Christians.”

The team jumped at the opportunity to meet again with Brendie and three other DU students who showed interest in leading Destino: Stephanie whose family is Belarusian, Rebeka whose family is Ethiopian, and Isaac who is Mexican-American. Rebeka reserved a room on campus, and the group shared their dreams for what they hope God would do at DU. They dreamed about having Bible studies for men and women, having a monthly familia dinner, and sharing their faith with friends and classmates. The Denver team trained them with a tool called “What Matters?” to equip them on how to start a spiritual conversation based on topics that matter to many people, and especially to Jesus.

We look forward to what God continues doing at DU and CCA!

Photo: DU students Brendie, Stephanie, Isaac, and Rebeka at their first meeting.