Destino Break 2018

“I don’t even know why I’m here,” said Jane. “I don’t really like the party scene, but all my friends are here so I came.” Jane, who was about to do Jell-O shots with her high school senior friends, was being honest. Like many on spring break, she didn’t know her purpose.

Destino staff members JD and Vanessa approached Jane on the shore of Port Aransas, Texas. They were part of a group of 33 Destino students and staff (pictured above) that spent their spring break much differently than Jane and her friends. On Destino Break, the group received training and went to the beach to start conversations about Jesus.

Vanessa and JD used a picture survey called Soularium to talk with Jane, Dillion and Alex. “As we heard about how these students gave into peer pressure and how they didn’t have a relationship with Jesus, my heart sank,” said Vanessa. Just before they could share the gospel, Jane’s friends called them over to head out. As they left, JD gave them each a booklet called Knowing God Personally, which explains the gospel and provides an opportunity to receive Christ.

Although those three students didn’t receive Christ that day, some others did. Destino students shared the gospel with 18 people and three of those received Christ!

On the last day of Destino Break, five students decided to be baptized (pictured above). Jolene, a student from Northwest Vista College said, “I always thought baptism was something you had to earn. I thought I wasn’t worthy to be baptized. [But now I understand] God already claimed that I was worthy by sending His son to die for my sins. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Today through baptism I choose to identify myself with Jesus Christ.”

What a joy to see the Lord at work in the lives of many!